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Toong Co-working Space

Floor 2, 25T2 Hoang Dao Thuy Street,

Hanoi, Vietnam

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SEALNET Project Vietnam 2019



Full Bottle, Fewer Bottles



Environmental concerns are only one of many issues this community has to face. The children from Bai Giua suffer from poverty, lack of social awareness and social injustice. Not all parents are supportive of their children’s education, mostly because of financial constraints and a lack of determination to keep their children in school. Through personal observation and conversation with the manager of S-house, a social project having worked closely with this community for a decade, PV19 learns that the children are limited by what they observe in their community: they do not see other options than dropping out of school from an early age to do odd jobs. We want to set free this limitation. We aim to use plastic pollution education to increase the awareness of the children in Bai Giua, equip them with a new mindset and practical tools to solve the problems in their community, that include, but are not limited to environmental issues.

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